Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Writing Center Service Project Needs You!

The project is in support of Dr. Zenkov, the Director of Through Students' Eyes. Dr. Zenkov and his colleague Jim Harmon (a city teacher in an urban Professional Development School) have worked with youth in the Cleveland area for the past four years on the "Through Students' Eyes" (TSE) project, using a photovoice method to explore what these students believe are the purposes of school, as well as the supports for and impediments to their school successes. TSE has responded to a four decade long droupout rate in urban centers that often exceeds 50%. In an effort to help city students nationwide to explore and enhance their relationships to school, the project has now expanded to Denver and Washington, D.C. Check out http://www.throughstudentseyes.org for more information.

This service project will focus on donating disposable cameras. One camera per person will earn credit for the service project. If you are not able to solely donate a camera, please choose a partner to split the cost. These camera will be donated in an effort by Diane Yendol-Hoppey, the director of the Benedum Collaborative, who is interested in collaborating with Benedum students and faculty from Taylor County schools to extend Dr. Zenkov’s project into rural sites.

A key element of the project is providing secondary school students with disposable cameras so that they can document factors that influence their decisions to stay in school as well as factors that make staying in school difficult.

There will be a drop-off box in the Writing Center for disposable cameras.

Cameras must be donated by Wednesday, October 22 before 3:00 p.m.

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