Monday, March 30, 2009

WVU Tutors attend 2009 MAWCA conference

On Saturday, March 27, tutors from the WVU Writing Center presented at the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference at York College in York, PA. Nathalie-Singh Corcoran (Director), Mary Inks, Emma Byrne, Ilene Funck, and Marie Pellegrino lead a group of about 30 participants through their interactive presentation entitled “How Do We Talk About Race When Race Isn’t an Issue?”

After completing inventories and responding to scenarios, everyone discussed their reactions to them and how best to discuss and deal with issues of race in their writing centers and universities. Talking about race doesn’t happen enough but is very important. Writing Centers are great places to start conversations about race and support anti-racist activism through discussions in tutor-training classes and at meetings/conferences. Through our MAWCA conference discussion, we decided that sometimes the best way to react to racist comments and engage in a conversation about race is to ask people “Why?” when they voice such remarks.

For further discussion on this topic, please visit the Antiracist Writing Centers blog at

Below are pictures from the conference. Enjoy!

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UConn Hartford Writing Center said...

Sounds like you had an interesting conference. As a peer tutor at my college's writing center, I think it's so great to learn from what other writing center's have to say. We just attended a conference in Connecticut in which multiple panels talked about goals and lessons of writing centers. Enjoyed browsing here.