Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making The Most of Free Time

With the exception of completing this weekly blog post, I have zero obligations at the moment. None. No upcoming exams, all homework assignments have been completed, and there are no other extracurricular things going on. With all this free time in mind, it reminds me of what I used to do in high school and probably should consider taking up again now, which is writing in a journal. Honestly, this is probably one of the best forms of therapy there is as you have a physical medium for your thoughts and not just a conscious one.

While the day to day ups and downs may seem temporary and insignificant, days and weeks passing can lead to a snow ball of bogged down feelings, especially around the mid-semester time. With that in mind, whatever thoughts and feelings that get jotted down in a journal don't even necessarily have to make sense, as the purpose of doing this isn't producing a draft, or getting a grade, or compiling a portfolio. It's only a portfolio in a personal sense in that it's your own collection of thoughts.

When I think back to my high school scribblings and scratchings, I realize now it helped out a lot to be able to jot my thoughts down somewhere. Especially in light of the fact that I've faced more significant challenges at this point in my academic career than back then, the result is still the same regardless of what's going on in that there's an available outlet for mental venting.

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