Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Writing Center Tutors will Save the World

Sure, the title is far-fetched, but think about it: we tutor students every day in many different areas of writing. We get the majority of our students from English 101 and 102 classes, yes, but we also have undergraduate and graduate students coming in for help with writing for subjects such as Engineering, History, Communications, Political Science, and Education, not to mention all of the students who come in for help with personal statements, resumes, cover letters, and application essays. These students are the future of the world! Writing is such a valuable and marketable strength in the world of work today. If these students do not learn how to write well, there is a good chance they will not succeed.

That is where we come in. As tutors at the Writing Center, we meet students where they are to help them become better writers. We do not do it just to help them finish and/or fix a particular paper; rather, we guide them along the road of learning how to write effectively in general. It is our job to help them learn writing techniques and rules on their own so they can succeed by themselves when they do not have us to help them.

So picture this: a student we regularly see at the Writing Center graduates and enters the “real world.” He finds a job, but it requires a ton of written communication skills. Because of the skills and techniques our fantastic tutors have taught him during his time at the Writing Center, his boss gives him a promotion after only two months! He goes on to become the President of the United States, and he ends the debt crisis because of his excellent writing skills.

When he wins the Nobel Peace Prize, he particularly thanks the WVU Writing Center for helping him learn to become a fantastic writer. If it weren’t for us, the debt crisis would never have been solved.

Pat yourself on the back, fellow tutors. Just think of the potential impact we have on the futures of the students we tutor. We impart invaluable writing knowledge, and only through communication can this world ever be saved.

This is just a little encouraging tidbit. With Spring Break approaching at the speed of a turtle, we can all most definitely use it!

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