Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Stretch Struggle

One thought pervading many people's minds, as spring break has sorrowfully departed us and summer break looms in the far, unrecognizable distance, is that these weeks remaining in the semester will be nearly impossible to overcome without breaking one's spirit or overburdening one's mind. I also feel like a seasick passenger on that boat destined for summer break, but a reminder that goes for myself as well as others sharing those sentiments is to keep sight of the tasks at hand and stay positive. I suppose on a boat that would translate to not throwing up, but for academic pursuits that would translate to balancing studying for exams with taking time to relax.  Even though this advice sounds like a broken record, it often doesn't break through the mental noise and fatigue that plague many at this time and during finals.

Those symptoms are often experienced during the brainstorming, composing, and revising processes of writing, as final portfolios take the same amount of time, dedication, and patience needed for exams. The bottom line for all academic undertakings is to not let those symptoms of mental noise and fatigue get the best of you, as the stress and anxiety you feel in these remaining weeks will be a vague memory months from now, while the balance of hard work and down time will culminate in (hopefully great) final grades.

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