Monday, February 22, 2010

My Writing Process

No matter the material, writing can be overwhelming and even sometimes paralyzing. However, when writing is broken down into steps of a process the task is suddenly manageable. I personally have come up with a process that not only works for me, but also makes writing a more enjoyable experience.

First, before anything else, I have found that it is important to change into comfortable clothes (sweat pants, hoodies, and fuzzy slippers are my favorites). It also helps to have a certain place reserved for writing. This will help with getting into the right mindset before starting. Now the actual writing begins. Depending on the nature of the paper the next step can be one of two things. If the paper is supposed to be specific or persuasive I usually will make an outline or web diagram. This helps to strategically organize my thoughts and points. On the other hand, if I'm telling a story, for example, I prefer to simply start writing without any structure to get all my ideas down on paper. The next step is to organize my ideas into paragraph form. Usually the first draft will be the result of this step. At this point I like to leave the paper for a couple days. When I return I like to have someone else look at my work to give a fresh perspective. Next, it is my turn to proofread the paper and make sure all my ideas are presented thoroughly. This step could take time and include multiple drafts and/or more time putting the paper aside. Finally, it is time for the last draft. Once I am confident and comfortable with the piece I will write one final copy and I'm done!

This was just a brief overview of my personal writing process but each writer may have their own unique steps and different preferences. The important thing is to find whatever works best and to make it a habit to use the process for each piece of work. By doing so writing will transform from daunting to delightful. :)

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