Sunday, February 14, 2010

Writing Center Alum -- Making a Difference!

From Lauren O'Connor, WVU Writing Center Tutor 2007-2009

Anyone who knows me, realizes that I come up with these slight off the wall ideas and well, try to execute them. As I said, Dream BIG or go home! Errr, we’ll, I’ll be stopping by home. Ha!

What the heck am I doing…?

Mission- To raise $100,000 for animal shelters, dog rescues and Great Dane rescues

Where- Begin in NJ, zig zagging across the country with the trip ending in California-ish area

When- March 1st

How- The kindness of family, friends, sponsors and strangers

Who- Harley. Blue Merle Great Dane. Roadie of amazingness. Age 6.

Why- To raise awareness for the special needs and life changing experiences of sharing the love of Great Danes. They rawk my socks!

Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Donate (click the button- it’s on the site!)

2. Host/organize a Pit Stop (just one- not the whole trip!)- or attend one!

a. What is that you ask? Fundraising. It’s a stop along the way that can be a happy hour (where we get the door or donations), a dinner, a bake sale, etc. The whole point is to raise money and I need people on the ground!

b. Get creative people!

3. Stalk us


b. Check the site daily, please:

c. You’ll be able to link to Google Latitude and actually SEE where we are on the road. Cool, eh?


a. This is SOOOOOO important- you NEVER realize who can help, who has an idea or who knows someone

b. Forward this email, forward the site, talk about how crazy I am- do it! I dare you.

c. Post it on YOUR blog, twitter, email directory, moms postcard, take a sticker (or 5!) pass it on, etc.

5. Encouragement

a. Sounds stupid to say, but it’s helpful.

b. Nice people rawk!

We’re trying to get on local and NATIONAL TV and Radio. So far we’ve spoken to some peeps at the Today show, ABC, NBC, etc. Can you help? Great!

I can’t wait to see ALL of you along the way!

Mucho love,

Lauren and Harley

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