Friday, December 7, 2012

Confidence: Mad Lib Edition

1. noun
2. adjective
3. plural noun
4. plural noun
5. adverb
6. verb
7. verb
8. noun that begins with a vowel
9. plural noun
10. number

Confidence: Mad Lib Edition

When writing, it is easy to lose your (1. noun). Writing is (2. adjective)! From finding (3. plural noun) to attempting to convey your ideas, you can often become discouraged. As a tutor who often works with discouraged (4. plural noun) (and as a student who also finds herself (5. adverb) in that state), I have attempted to create a guide to work through one of the most difficult aspects of writing: loss of confidence.

1. Take care of yourself; shower, (6. verb), drink water and eat healthy. When you take care of your body, you will feel more relaxed.

2. Return with a positive attitude and (7. verb) a smile! Faking a smile can "can raise endorphin levels in your body and trick your brain into thinking your mood has improved" ("Truth or Myth: Making Yourself Smile Improves Your Mood," 2012).

3. Make an (8. noun that begins with a vowel) at the Carruth Center. Though therapy appointments have a stigma associated with them, mental health is as important as physical health. Visit or call (304) 293-4411 to schedule an appointment with trained (9. plural noun) who will work to help you.

4. Make an appointment at the WVU Writing Center. Though our primary role is to help you become better writers, our secondary roles include working to help you navigate the stresses of difficult classes and their respective papers. You can schedule an appointment at G02 Colson Hall, call 304-293-5788 or schedule online through

Whether you complete one of these steps or (10. number) of them, you will be on your way to more confidence, less stress and a much healthier mind!

 Blog original answers:
1. confidence

2. tough
3. research
4. students
5. commonly
6. exercise
7. force
8. appointment
9. professionals
10. all


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This blog post has been cited using APA.

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